Custom Shop CTR-Punch 2 Blades

Custom Shop CTR-Punch 2 blades are CNC machined in one piece from High Carbon Tool Grade Steel and Heat Treated through hard to 54 Rockwell.  They are available in the following weights with approximate blade lengths: 125- 1.25" , 150-1.25", and 175- 1.5".  They have 1 1/8" cutting diameter.  They are non-vented having have valleys milled into the blades to reduce the weight without sacrificing strength and allowing for a quiet flight.  They are double bevel Sharpened.  The ferrules are of a slightly larger diameter making them Ideal when running the CTR-Punch footers as shown in the picture.  They also work well on on crossbow bolts or larger diamter 21XX and 22XX aluminum arrow shafts.

Custom Shop CTR-Punch 2 Blades
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  • Item #: CS-CTR-PUNCH-2B
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Price $45.95