VPA Custom Shop 2 Blade CTR-Punch 340MAG/ULT X-Bow

Want the ultimate penetration from your crossbow? Need a broadhead designed for use with larger diameter 21XX and 22XX  shafts or your reduced diamter shafts running CTR-Punch footers?  Our Rayzor-VPA Custom Shop CTR-Punch 340MAG/ULT XBOW 2 blades are it.  Same quality, workmanship and strength you find in our other heads but with a  rounded ferrule designed to provide a smooth transition to the larger diameters found on Crossbow Bolts as well as 21XX and 22XX series aluminum shafts.  CNC machined in one piece from High Carbon Tool Grade Steel.  Heat Treated and through Hardened to 54 Rockwell.  Machined recesses allow for reduced weight without the added noise of vents.  1 1/8" cut.  Blade length approximately 1 1/8" on the 150gr model and 1 3/8" on the 175gr.  Sold in 3 packs.  125 gr coming soon.

VPA Custom Shop 2 Blade CTR-Punch 340MAG/ULT X-Bow
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